That Nail That Sticks Up Will Be Hammered Down marks the debut and first in a trilogy of albums by Spoken in Tongues, a new band comprised of ex. Blenderhead frontman Billy Power on vocals, guitar and bass, and ex. Everdown drummer Chris Wible. Both Power and Wible are veterans of the punk and hardcore scene and share a several decade's long friendship. This new project is somewhat of a departure from the previous work for both musicians. While the music is loud, with abrasive guitars and thundering drums, it is also full of harmony and melody.

Spoken In Tongues: The Nail That Sticks Up Will Be Hammered Down Cassette

  • Side A
    Lost Plots
    I Know What You Did Last Summer

    Side B
    Worlds Last Optimist
    Ideal Versions
    Repeat After Me
    All Hands On Deck!

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