Steadfast Records compilation of a bunch of bands we liked and were friends with. A decent mix of late nineties metalcore, emo, and punk bands. Left over from the original release from 1997.


Track List:

Training For Utopia: One Zero One

Feci Dal Signore: We Will Not Be Forgiven / February

Hope & Anchor: Slogans

Innermeans: Empty Threats

L.I.G.H.T.: Rotted Soil

Rest: Renewing

Brandtson: Nineveh

Proclamation: Glorify The Lies

Through and Through: In This My Darkest Hour

Spitfire: Marasmus

Ulceration: Crush

Underage: Underage

Pensive: The Artist

Subsist: Restraint

Sleeping By The Riverside: Ne’phesh

Disciple: Trial By Fire

Chalice: Desire To Remain

Lo-Fi: B.F.F.

Kung Fu Grip: Friends

Failsafe: Despite the Shroud

Through The Eyes Of Katelyn: Untitled

Radiowaves and Gibberish CD




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