Brandtson's Fallen Star Collection on limited edition blue shell cassette, and Fallen Star Collection Album Demo's on a second yellow shell cassette - Limited edition of 100- sold only as a bundle



Brandtson Fallen Star Collection cassette Limted edition of 100

Brandtson Fallen Star Collection Demo Recordings cassette Limted edition of 100

Full color 36 page book with lyrics, tour, live, and recording photos

CD of 10 demo recordings from the album

Brandtson: Fallen Star Collection: Cassette

  • The 1999 sophomore album by Brandtson, available for the first time ever on vinyl. Limited edition pressing of 500 total copies and includes a bonus CD of 10 never before released album demos

  • The product images shown are mockups meant to illustrate what the final product will look like. The actual manufactured product may vary slightly.



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